Dornbracht 28010979-00 Modern Hand Shower Review

​People who want to make a statement in their home décor are always on the lookout for the latest innovations in appliances, furniture, and fittings.

And because the bathroom should be just as slick as the rest of the house, you may want to consider purchasing the Dornbracht 28010979-00 Modern Hand Shower In Polished Chrome.

It's a quality fitting that delivers state of the art precision, luxury, and style to your shower experience.

Edgy Modern Style

The Dornbracht Modern Hand Shower is striking. The minimalist square shape of the spray panel, the curved chrome of the handle, and the way that it sits seamlessly against the shower wall combine for a pleasing aesthetic to complement an ultra-modern bathroom.

State of the Art Functionalities

Dornbracht doesn't sacrifice quality or practicality for style. The hand shower not only looks great, it works great too. The generous spray panel and quality nozzles allow for a continuous stream of water, meaning that you get the best possible shower. Clever features like the back flow preventer ensures that the unit will keep working effectively too. There's no risk of damage to plumbing and the shower will work every time you turn it on.

Dornbracht 28010979-00 Modern Hand Shower Review - When style meets functionality

When style meets functionality

Luxurious and Practical

The hand shower allows for precision cleaning and relaxing luxury. Target any area you need to and receive an invigorating massage from the water pressure. You'll now be able to thoroughly rinse out shampoo and shower small children without water splashing into their eyes.

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Effortless Maintenance

Hard water can cause limescale to build up on the nozzle of your shower head. It diminishes the quality of your shower by blocking nozzles and causing uneven flow. It can even be unhygienic. Dornbracht's design prevents limescale build up and all you need to do is wipe it clean. The polished chrome of the handle is easy to clean as well: chemical free wiping will keep it looking as good as new.

Dornbracht 28010979-00 Modern Hand Shower Package Details and Accessories

The Dornbracht 28010979-00 is sold as a standalone unit. The other accessories you'll need depends on whether you're refitting your whole shower unit or whether there are existing fittings for a hand shower.

Dornbracht 28010979-00 Modern Hand Shower Review - Don't let its sleek looks fool you - this hand shower packs a ton of features that will help you relax in the shower

Don't let its sleek looks fool you - this hand shower packs a ton of features that will help you relax in the shower


The hand shower measures 8.4 inches tall and weighs 2.2 pounds. It requires a half inch connection, and the maximum water flow is 9 liters per minute.


  • The stylish, modern look will give your bathroom a stunning, edgy effect. It's perfect for a slick bachelor pad or a modern home that favors clean line decor, stainless steel appliances, and chrome fittings.
  • If you don't yet have a hand shower, you'll be amazed at how useful they are and wonder how you ever lived without one. They're excellent for targeting and massaging tired muscles, washing your body without ruining your hairstyle, showering small children, and giving the shower tray a deep clean that really gets into the corners.
  • If the water in your area is hard and your showerheads are prone to limescale build up, then the anti-scale system in this unit is designed with you in mind. You won't have to waste time scrubbing and scraping or having to use corrosive cleaning chemicals just to clean it up. Furthermore, your shower won't spray off in all sorts of strange directions!
  • The polished chrome finish won't dull over time. A quick wipe when you're done in the shower should allow this unit to stay as shiny as the day you bought it for many years.
  • The hand shower is made in Germany. You can count on perfect engineering from the Germans.


  • There's always a certain risk with choosing fashion forward and distinctive home furnishings and fittings. They can look dated after a few years, whereas more conservative people who choose classic fittings can keep a timeless look. But hey, if no one ever took that risk, men would still be wearing tights!

Consumer Ratings

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Being a relatively new product, the Dornbracht 28010979-00 Modern Hand Shower hasn't received much buzz yet. However, a high-quality, good looking fixture like this one is bound to start getting some serious attention soon. As a whole, Dorbracht's products tend to get rave reviews and customers love their innovative, high-quality products, and their expertise in the world of running water.

Dornbracht 28010979-00 Modern Hand Shower Price

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The Dornbracht 28010979-00 hand shower has a futuristic look that will have a striking effect on your bathroom decor. It's also a well-designed, practical, and luxurious item that you'll find handy on a daily basis. If you want to buy a statement piece from a trusted high-end company, then this hand shower is definitely worth your consideration.

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