Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV Electric Pressure Washer, 1900 psi Review

​If you're looking to buy an effective pressure washer but don't want to overspend on power you don't need, then the Campbell Hausfeld PW182501 would make a perfect choice. This pressure washer is a mid-range priced, lightweight, and compact machine.

With this pressure washer, you'll also get to enjoy a few convenient features and have enough power for several outdoor cleaning tasks.

To learn more, take a few minutes to read this Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV Electric Pressure Washer, 1900 psi review.

1900 Pounds per Square Inch and 1.65 Gallons per Minute

The Campbell Hausfeld PW182501 delivers a cleaning pressure of 1900 PSI and a flow rate of 1.65 GPM. Although this figures fall on the lower scale of pressure washers, the Campbell Hausfeld PW182501 is still a powerful tool for the average homeowner. The machine can be used in a variety of outdoor cleaning tasks ranging from cleaning cars and boats to removing dirt and filth from all sorts of surfaces including wood, concrete, steel, tiles, and plastic.

Compact Size and Lightweight Design

Most pressure washers, especially gas-powered ones, tend to be bulky and heavy. The Campbell Hausfeld PW182501, however, has a compact size and an unbelievably lightweight design at only 23 pounds.

Thanks to its small size and light weight, the pressure washer can be used by anyone including the young and the old. Additionally, the pressure washer's size provides easy storage and transportation around the home and from one place to the next.

Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV Electric Pressure Washer Review - Electric Pressure Washer with EasyConnect Technology

Electric Pressure Washer with EasyConnect Technology

Instant Start and Stop

This pressure washer starts and stops instantly thanks to an innovative trigger. When the trigger is engaged, the pump starts up automatically. In the same way, the pump shuts off automatically when the trigger is released. This automatic start/stop feature helps to prevent leaks and spares the pump from misuse thus increasing its lifespan.

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20-Foot Hose and 35-Foot Cord

The most common downside of electric pressure washers is that they have to be plugged into an outlet when in use. This tends to limit the areas in which electrical pressure washers can be used, and especially when working with units that have a short cord. The Campbell Hausfeld PW182501 electrical pressure washer more than compensates for this drawback by offering a 20-foot hose and a 35-foot cord. This combination of lengthy hose and power cord helps to provide you with a larger cleaning range and increases the machine's range of use per square meter.

On-Board Detergent Bottle

As mentioned earlier, the pressure of the Campbell Hausfeld PW182501 is powerful enough to handle tough cleaning jobs. This cleaning power can further be enhanced by adding dirt-busting soap to the pressure of the water. The Campbell Hausfeld PW182501 has an on-board detergent bottle that enables you to do just that. The bottle has a 450ml holding capacity, which means you'll have plenty of soap for a variety of tasks. It's also detachable and therefore easy to empty and refill.

Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV Electric Pressure Washer, 1900 psi Package Details and Accessories


This Campbell Hausfeld PW182501 Electric Pressure Washer measures 13.6 x 34 x 10 inches.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Suitable to use lying down as well as upright
  • Compatible with a garden hose
  • Provides on-board storage for all accessories including hose, nozzle tip, and detergent bottle
  • Features easy connect technology that makes it easy to change between accessories
  • Can be stored anywhere including a closet or garage shelf thanks to its compact size
  • Provides mess-free cleaning
  • Produces zero emissions


  • The only downside to the Campbell Hausfeld PW182501 is that it needs to be plugged in during use.

Consumer Ratings

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Like most products, the Campbell Hausfeld PW182501 has both positive and negative reviews. However, the good aspects of this cleaning appliance seem to outweigh its bad attributes. In fact, users who have left their thoughts at eCommerce sites and various forums seem to appreciate the functionality and convenience that this pressure washer brings. Most of the reviewers love the long cord and hose features, and agree that the machine does an excellent job of cleaning surfaces, cars, and furniture pieces.

Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV Electric Pressure Washer, 1900 psi Price

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The Campbell Hausfeld PW182501 is light, easy to move around, and has adequate cleaning power. Additionally, the pressure washer is simple yet powerful in the sense that it's not overwhelmed with features but has exactly what you need to keep the surrounding areas of your home sparkling clean. Therefore, if you're looking for the best electric pressure washer for your money, this will make a great buy.

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